I scour the country to source the finest grassfed American beef raised by family farmers in the great United States of America.  Believe it or not, reliable domestic grassfed beef supply is extremely difficult to come by.  So, my competitors use imported grassfed beef to spare themselves the hassle of finding good domestic grassfed beef.  What a shame.


BLAISTIX comes if 5 flavors so you have the best choice of finding what you like best.  I also make lean pork snack sticks in 2 flavors for those looking for a change of pace.  Either way, I've got you covered.


Finally, BLAISTIX are packaged and labeled with nothing but the truth.  You will find no false claims on our labels, cartons or web site.  Why? 


Because the truth is so much easier to tell


Click here to buy BLAISTIX on amazon.com.  I could go to the trouble of creating a shopping cart on my site, but I rather put those costs to ever improving BLAISTIX.


If you are an anti-amazonian or just love to use paypal, you can click here to buy BLAISTIX via PayPal on the Local Pastures' Buy Now page.  Thanks for being a BLAISTIX believer!




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